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System Capabilities:

  • Total Temperature
  • Humidity & Contamination Control Systems
  • Energy Recovery
  • Space Pressurization
  • 100% Outside Air Systems

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price and availability for replacement parts for the manufacturers listed and also for Bitzer Compressors


Complete line of air filtration products, Low pressure drop HEPA filters, Carbon/Gas phase filters, Housings.
Website: www.americanairfilter.com
Mist Humidifiers and Adiabatic Cooling
Website: www.mistification.com
Nortek Air Solutions is the new name of CES Group All our product brand names will continue in the Nortek Air Solutions organization. We are experts in building environments.
Governair® Custom Packaged Rooftop Units, Air Handling Units & Make-Up Air Units Website: www.governair.com
Cleanpak™ International

Servicor CPI
FANWALL TECHNOLOGY®, Central Station and Clean Room Air Handling Units, Clean Room Ceiling Systems, Laminar Flow Modules and Fan Filter Units. Website: www.huntair.com, www.fanwalltechnology.com
Mammoth® Custom Penthouse Units, Packaged Rooftop and Evaporative Condensing Rooftop Units, Vari-Zone and Replacement Multizone Rooftop Units V-Cube, Water Source Heat Pumps, Geothermal and 100% O.A. Website: www.mammoth-inc.com
Temtrol® Commercial and Industrial Central Station Air Handling Units, Heat Transfer Coils. Website: www.temtrol.com
Air to Air Energy Recovery: Plate Type, Heat Pipes, Enthalpy Wheels, and Packaged Energy Recovery Units. Commercial Desiccant Dehumidification Systems,: Ice Rinks, Schools, Medical and Health Facilities, Museums & Libraries.
Website: www.venmarces.com
Ventrol® Custom Engineered Air Handling Products for Commercial and Industrial Applications. Website: www.ventrol.com
Custom Centrifugal Fans for all industrial applications including air pollution, petrochemical, WWTP, metal recyling, mineral processing, food production, fertilizer manufacturing, paint booths, boilers and incinerators.
CFM™ Continental Fan
In Line Centrifugal Fans, Tube Axial Fans, Belt and Direct Drive Utility Fans, Iris Dampers, FRP Fans
Website: www.continentalfan.com
DRI™ Desiccant Rotors International
Specializing in 3 Angstrom, Molecular Sieve, AHRI Certified Enthalpy Wheels, Passive Desiccant, Active Desiccant and Replacement Rotors to fit any Manufacturer's Air Handling Unit.
Website: www.drirotors.com
Drake Refrigeration Inc.
Packaged, Split System, Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Chillers. Website: www.drakechillers.com
Commercial & Industrial Air Handling Units
Custom Penthouse Units
Website: www.easinc.net
FTE Fiber-Tech Engineering, Inc.
Specializing in Duct Systems, Chemical Tanks, Scrubber Vessels, Custom Molded Products, Exhaust Stacks & Hoods, Custom Fabrication & Assembly, Platforms & Ladders, Domes & Covers.
Website: www.fibertecheng.com
Global Plasma Solutions
ASHRAE Standard 62.1 compliance with reduced outdoor air (IAQ Procedure), Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization, Fan powered air purification units, Activated media w/housings & Ultra Violet Lights.
Website: www.globalplasmasolutions.com
Wireless and wired carbon monoxide sensing systems, refrigerant monitors, and carbon dioxide sensors.
Website: www.honeywellanalytics.com
KeepRite® Refrigeration
Refrigeration Evaporators, Condensing Units, Fluid Coolers, Air Cooled Condensers
Website: www.keeprite.com
MARLO DRS Technologies, Inc.
Standard and Specialty Heat Transfer Coils.
Website: www.marlocoil.com
Peerless Blowers
Centrifugal, In-Line Fans, Utility Sets, Pressure and Radial Blade Blowers, Wall Prop and Industrial Fans.
Website: www.peerlessblowers.com
Plate Concepts Inc. Plate & Fram Heat Exchangers
Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers for commercial HVAC, Industrial, Power and Process Industries. Size range from 5 to 15,000 GPM. Website: www.plateconcepts.com
PURE Humidifier Company
Humidifiers: Steam Injection, Steam Heat Exchanger, Electric and Gas Fired for Standard, Deionized or Reverse Osmosis Water.
Website: www.purehumidifier.com
Gas Fired Heat Pumps, Absorption Chillers,
and Boilers.
Website: www.robur.com/us
Oil-Free, Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers utilizing Turbocor Compressors. Water-Cooled from 60 to 800 Tons and Air-Cooled from 60 to 250 tons.

Manufacturer of chilled beam and ventilation systems.
Website: www.swegon.com


Harmonic Filters

Website: www.transcoil.com

Technical Systems Division RAE Corporation
Evaporative Cooled Chillers with Optional Pump Packages & Integral Fluid Coolers. Air-Cooled Condensing Units, Fluid Coolers from 5 to 300 tons.
Website: www.rae-corp.com
Direct and Indirect gas fired make-up units including 80/20 and air rotation. Plate type energy recovery and custom units with hot water, steam, electric, chilled water and DX.
Website: www.titan-air.com
Variable Frequency Drives
Website: www.toshiba.com/ind
Manufactures a full line of UV-C products for the HVACR Industry.
Website: www.uvresources.com
Vanaire A Division of VaneGas Enterprises, Inc.
Specializing in Duct Systems, Chemical Tanks, Scrubber Vessels, Custom Molded Products, Exhaust Stacks & Hoods, Custom Fabrication & Assembly, Platforms & Ladders, Domes & Covers.
Website: www.vanaire.com
Yaskawa The Drive for Quality™
Variable Frequency Drives
Website: www.yaskawa.com